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Group info
Code: GI-2084
Short Name: CIGEO
Name: Integrated Group of Civil Engineering and Geomatics
Department: Departamento de Enxeñaría Agroforestal

Research field
  • I. Coastal and wáter engineering
  • Marine energies: wave energy and tidal stream energy
  • Ria hydrodynamics. Environmental water. Coastal processes. Integrated coastal zone management
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to Maritime Engineering
  • Coastal pollution prevention systems. Floating oil booms.
  • II. Infrastructures of transport
  • Coastal and harbor structures
  • Development of high value added materials and products for road signs
  • Optimization of road layout and microsimulation in traffic engineering
  • Port management. Port planning and operation
  • III. Geomatics
  • Close Range Photogrammetry. Terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry using drones. Carthoimages and DEM.
  • Environmental Remote Sensing. Image processing and analysis of airborne and space-borne sensors.
  • Scanning, modeling and printing of 3D objects.
  • Heritage and archaeological documentation. Cataloging and inventory.
  • Study of deformations
  • IV.Civil Construction
  • Valorisation of waste and coproducts from the Galician agroindustrial sector in Civil Engineering.
  • Numerical modelling of geotechnical problems
Technology services
  • Physical modeling in wave flume. Models of: harbor and coastal structures (breakwaters, groins, etc.), Wave Energy Converters (WECs), floating oil booms, etc.
  • Wave-current flume of 20 x 1.20 x 0.65 m, capable of generating regular and irregular waves, equipped with Active Wave Absorption Control System (AWACS) and reversible current generation system.
  • Numerical modeling of littoral processes: waves, tidal currents, sediment transport, pollutants.
  • Numerical modelling of the interaction between waves and a structure or a Wave Energy Converter (WEC).
  • International Patent "WaveCat", Wave Energy Converter.
  • Photogrammetric Projects for the modeling and study of 3D objects: natural and artificial, static or in motion, accessible and inaccessible areas and with a wide range of dimensions. Field Survey (the scanning can be provided by the customer), creation and edition of the 3D model, Orthophoto Image (metric), plans in two and/or three dimensions and quality control.
  • Studies of aerial and remote sensing with optical sensors, multispectral and hyperspectral. Studies of vegetation, water quality, burned areas, control of multi-temporal changes, etc. Development of thematic cartography and reports.
  • Mapping, inventory and studies from images taken by drones and satellites.
  • Surveying.
Key words
  • Close-range Photogrammetry; 3D modeling, 3D Scanner; Remote Sensing; RPAS; Drone heritage, archaeology; Marine energy; wave energy; tidal energy; renewable energy; hydrodynamics; ria; oceanography; waves; tides; littoral processes; coastal structure; harbor structure; breakwater; oil pollution; floating boom.
Name Position ORCID Contact:
GIL DOCAMPO, MARIA DE LA LUZCoordinador0000-0002-9037-9944E-Mail:
CARBALLO SANCHEZ, RODRIGOMembro0000-0001-9708-1086
CASTRO PONTE, ALBERTEMembro0000-0002-3451-7687
LOPEZ MOREIRA, IVANMembro0000-0001-6141-3878
NUÑEZ TEMES, CARLOSMembro0000-0002-6807-5485
ORTIZ SANZ, JUAN PEDROMembro0000-0003-0717-0400
TORRES LABANDEIRA, MANUEL LUISMembro0000-0001-6864-5903
ARZA GARCIA, MARCOSIFP0000-0001-6474-8825
FOUZ VARELA, DAVID MATEOIFP0000-0001-8927-6174
IP Principal Investigator, IFP Training Research, PA Supporting Researchers and Technicians
External collaborators
Name Institution
JOSE GREGORIO IGLESIAS RODRIGUEZ  School of Marine Science and Engineering, Plymouth University
José Antonio Fraguela Formoso  Universidad de A Coruña
MARIO LOPEZ GALLEGO  Universidade do Porto
Simon Philip Neill  Bangor University
Alberto Fernández Medín  Master DIP, Arquitecto técnico
M. TERESA REGO SANMARTIN  Consellería de Educación
NESTOR AREAN VARELA  Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica. Secretaría de Estado de medio Ambiente. Dirección General d
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