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Group info
Code: GI-1252
Short Name: ECOTOX
Name: Ecotoxicology and Plant Ecophysiology
Department: Departamento de Bioloxía Funcional
Telf. 981-563100 ext.13312
Fax: 981-596904
Research field
  • Sampling and pollutant analysis of biological and environmental samples
  • Pollutant bioacumulation
  • Evaluation of the environmental quality (terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems)
  • Passive and active environmental biomonitoring
  • Potential ecotoxicity evaluation
  • Development of ecotoxicity bioassays
  • Evaluation of toxicity of residues and environmental samples
  • Modelling of pollution processes
  • Bioclimatology
  • Physiological integration and plasticity in clonal plants
  • Sexual dimorphism in dioic plants
  • Compared ecophysiology of natural and cultivated species
  • Plant responses and adaptations to biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Plant responses to variables associated with the climatic change
Technology services
  • Contaminanta analysis in environment and organisms
  • Design of local and regional pollution biomonitoring networks
  • Contamination reports of industrial facilities
  • Active biomonitoring of environmental damages (ecotoxicity assays)
  • Technical reports abourt ecotoxicity for public organisms and private companies
  • Identification of physiological characteristics of interest to improving species
  • Evaluation of plant physiological status
  • Plant production in woody and herbaceus species
  • The biomonitoring studies and the ecosystems quality evaluations have a high level warranty of quality in all the steps (sampling, transport, storage, processing and analysis), stated in a Standardized Operations Procedures. The ecotoxicological bioassays used are standardized and/or internationally approved.
  • EQUIPMENT: Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) PE 2100 Atomic absorption spectrophotometer with graphite furnace (AAS-FG) PE -A/Analyst 600 with slurries inyector A800 Atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer (PSA) - detectors: Merlin y Scalibur. Direct mercury analizator (DMA 80 Millestone) Spectrophotometer UV-VIS (Spectronic 3000- diode array, PE) Fluorescence clorofilic analizers (Fluorometer PAM-2000 y Mini -PAM, Heiz Walz GMBH,Germany) Oxigen electrode (ClarK) - Fluorescence- photosynthesis (DW2 Hansatech ltd) Photosynthesis measure (Type LCA-3, Leaf Chamber PLC-3, ADC). Sspectroradiometer (UniSpec Spectral System, PP Systems). Tensiometers (HydroSense, Skye Instruments, Wales, UK). Microdendrómeters (Type DC, Ecomatik, Dachau, Germany) Non destructive measure of chlorophyll (SPAD-502, Minolta) Leaf Area Meter, AM100, ADC Ltd,Hoddesdon, England. Temperature, radiation and humidity sensors; dataloggers (logger-4R, Zeta-tec; LI-100, LICOR) Optical microscopes Elemental analysis (C, N) Equipment to sampling process (digestors, ovens, centrifuges, mills, centrífugos, conditioning chamber, precision balances, etc.) Contolled chambers to terrestrial and aquatic biaoassays Sampling equipment: 4x4 vehicles, GPSs, field sensors, etc.) Computers Specialized software especializado (Arc View GIS, BEAG 1.7, SPSS, etc) Environmental Specimen Bank
Key words
  • ecotoxicity; biomonitoring; heavy metals; air pollution; air quality; water pollution; water quality; risk assessment; environmental stress; environmental impact; environmental specimen banking; phytoclimatology; water use efficiency; sexual dimorphism; physiological integration; photosynthesis; plant responses to stress.
Name Position ORCID Contact:
CARBALLEIRA OCAÑA, ALEJOCoordinador0000-0002-5250-4185Tel./Ext.: 13312
Fax: 981-596904
ABOAL VIÑAS, JESUS RAMONMembro0000-0001-8310-2907
FERNANDEZ ESCRIBANO, JOSE ANGELMembro0000-0002-7629-6106
REAL RODRIGUEZ, CARLOSMembro0000-0002-5433-6728
VARELA RIO, ZULEMAMembro0000-0002-4751-7686
VAZQUEZ CASTRO, MARIA DOLORESMembro0000-0003-2715-5312
VILLARES PAZOS, RUBENMembro0000-0002-9635-4449
Pacin Salvador, María do CarmeIFP
IP Principal Investigator, IFP Training Research, PA Supporting Researchers and Technicians
External collaborators
Name Institution
CARLOS BRAIS CARBALLEIRA BRAÑA  Universidad católica Pontificia de Valparaiso (Chile)
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